About Us

Quality Service. Customer Satisfaction.


Ready Oilfield Safety & Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered Company, established in 1983 and is a member of the Rutledge Group of Companies. It has grown to be identified as a trusted partner in safety not only in the oilfield sector but also in the fire services, petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, refineries and marine industries in Singapore. We are capable and equipped, be it in personnel or inventory, to offer uncompromising safety solution to match exacting needs in areas of training, consultancy, supply or rental of safety equipment. A team of our OEM trained engineers provide excellent support and service in calibration, repairs, installation set-up.


To be the Preferred Provider to oil and gas industry. We will do this by strategically innovating and continually improving to remain relevant to our customers.


• To provide customers with quality products and services, and to consistently excel in servicing them.

• To provide technological solutions for health, safety, environment and security.

• To achieve a world class status and to maintain an unblemished safety record.


Our Values capture the essence on how a Company and as an individual we perform and deliver our services.

• To operate with care for the health, safety and security of all in the course of our work.
• To be honest and exercise integrity at all times.
• To excel and deliver the highest standard of service.
• To be professional in all dealings with all the stakeholders.
• To uphold the Company’s reputation and promote its interests at all times.
• To maintain confidentiality over all information acquired in the course of work.


We strong believe that Health, Safety, Environmental protection and Quality are of prime importance to the long term business success of the Company whose primary occupation is to protect lives and preserve assets. We are committed to having an effective HSEQ Management System in place with the commitment and active participation of management and all staff.

Our ability to continually offer services that win our customer’s confidence is key for us to remain as a preferred service provider to the oil and gas industry. Hence, the commitment to this policy is essential to add value for all our stakeholders.

  • Inculcate a safety outlook and to prevent accidents in our workplace.
  • Set objectives, measure the results and continually improve on our processes and service quality.
  • Employ best practices and move towards an eco-friendly environment.
  • Preserve the good health and well-being of all employees.
  • Serve our customers with integrity and ensure continuous customer satisfaction.
Accreditation: ISO 9001:2015 | ISO 45001:2018 | BizSAFE Level STAR


We believe that it is our corporate duty to be a part of the solution in the communities we live in. Our desire is to make a difference in other people's quality of life by reaching out to those in need.

Our determination arises from a grateful attitude for the business rewards we enjoy. We are committed to share some of our gains to care for the disadvantaged. We therefore aim to identify local and overseas benevolent causes to contribute with funds to support community initiatives, and where relevant, offer our staff the opportunity to contribute with their time.

Through our responsible contributions, we aspire to spread a culture of giving and the realisation of our interdependence with the societies we live in.